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With families sheltering in place, schools and daycare centers closed, and parents multi-tasking, the Up and Away campaign – in partnership with the CDC and its PROTECT Initiative – provided education to reduce the risk of accidental medicine ingestions in young children.

During seasonally relevant points throughout the year, Up and Away leveraged national partnerships, paid media, earned media, and PROTECT partner amplification to remind families to put medicines out of reach and sight from curious young children.


Campaign Highlights

Engaged with
Families on Social Media

National Partnership with Miss America

Developed a video during National Poison Prevention Week in partnership with Miss America Camille Schrier featuring Up and Away messaging. She shared the video with her 750,000 followers on social media.



Increasing Awareness About Safe Storage During COVID-19

Launched a paid media buy targeting English and Spanish-speaking families across the nation on Facebook and Instagram, garnering 20 million impressions and 1.6 million engagements.

Special thanks to Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. for supporting this effort!

Dr. Thomas on news

National & Local Media Coverage

Hosted a radio media tour in March on keeping medicines safe from curious kids featuring spokesperson Dr. Kathleen Wilson. The effort resulted in 15 total interviews that were aired 429 times and reached more than 897,350 listeners.

Secured two local CBS interviews in Louisiana in May featuring American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) President Dr. Sophia Thomas. The broadcast interviews reached 35,000 viewers and provided key tips for keeping kids safe by putting medicines out of sight and reach.


Promoted “At-Home” Scenarios During COVID-19 

Launched a series of creative posts featuring CHPA families multi-tasking at home during the pandemic. These images served as an important reminder to practice safe medicine storage by depicting young children getting into medicine that was left out and within reach near office spaces, kitchen counters, and play areas in the home. 



Launched New Cold & Flu Rally Concepts

Launched new creative for the 2020 cold and flu season following a series of focus groups that informed modernized messaging for the campaign. These images reminded families to keep medicines in their original, child-resistant containers and to always put medicines out of sight and reach of curious young children.