In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's KnowYourOTCs presence on social media and its subsequent paid media strategy largely centered on reminding consumers about the importance of medicine safety. With families spending more time at home this year, we prioritized the continued promotion of content highlighting how to safely use, store, and dispose of OTC products. We also developed several new pieces of social creative that directed consumers to a regularly-updated COVID-19 FAQ on

We also took into account consumer behavior on the KnowYourOTCs website, as well as seasonally-relevant events, to create and promote content that reached and resonated with relevant audiences.


Campaign Highlights

Visits to
Consumers Reached on social media
Year-over-year engagement increase
Year-over-year link clicks increase

Maintained Steady Website Traffic to

Paid promotion and SEO optimizations made to the COVID-19 FAQ and other webpages throughout earned more than 2.5 million page views, a 20% year-over-year increase.


Developed and Promoted Compelling Content
to Educate Consumers on OTC Safety

Optimizations made to organic and paid media strategies resulted in KnowYourOTCs content reaching more than two million consumers and experiencing a 254% year-over-year increase in engagement on social media, as well as a 192% increase in link clicks to


Collaborated with Pediatrician Influencer To Educate Parents on COVID-19 Safety

In partnership with ER pediatrician and parent influencer Dr. Katie Friedman, we developed and promoted a series of short Q&A-style videos highlighting important information parents should know to keep their families safe during the pandemic. The series, combined with additional social content related to COVID-19, reached more than 500,000 parents.


Launched New and Relevant OTC Safety Content on

Throughout the year, we published or updated 18 webpages on, including

  • 9 expert articles and safety guides
  • 4 brand product pages
  • 3 conditions & treatment pages
  • 2 active ingredient pages

Topics covered within new and updated content include COVID-19, dietary supplements, common pain types, smoking cessation, and homeopathic medicines.