2020 CHPA Educational Foundation Report

Empowering consumers to safely use, store, and dispose of consumer healthcare products during an unprecedented time of need.

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Letter from our Executive Director and Chair

With COVID-19 putting an unprecedented burden on the world, consumers and families had to take their health personally, putting prevention and safety first, while also being ready to treat symptoms if they developed. As families sheltered at home with virtual school, daycare centers closed, and parents multi-tasking, the foundation stepped up as an unbranded trusted source of information and reassurance during this time of need.

We mobilized KnowYourOTCs to provide answers on the safe use, storage, and disposal of consumer healthcare products during COVID-19 with a custom FAQ webpage, a series of quick videos for parents featuring our medical advisor Dr. Katie Friedman, and a month-long paid media buy that reached 20 million English and Spanish-speaking families and resulted in 1.6 million unique engagements.

Recognizing the need for continued education, the foundation also capitalized on our four national campaigns, focusing on optimization and relevance with our target audiences, especially amidst the pandemic. In particular with the OTC Pain Reliever Education campaign, the strategic updates made to our interactive pain reliever assessment resulted in a more than 1,000% year-over-year increase in consumer completions.

We also partnered with trusted sources and credible voices to amplify our messages on medicine safety this year. In March, the foundation partnered with Miss America to promote the Up and Away campaign through a video shared on social media that reached nearly 750,000 followers. In June, PatientPoint promoted the foundation’s Know Your Dose campaign messages on acetaminophen safety across its point-of-care network in the offices of 35,000 HCPs and 550 hospitals.

Finally, we had to pivot our annual fundraising Gala to a virtual event. On November 18, we hosted our fifth annual Gala and first virtual Gala! More than 270 attendees from CHPA member companies participated in this interactive event, featuring a musical jazz performance, wine tasting, VIP leadership chats, a dynamic program with Steve Jones providing a keynote presentation on how to “Brand Like a Rockstar,” and a full hour of small group networking sessions. The night was a huge success thanks to the groundswell of industry participation.

We are so grateful for the continued support from the industry as we evolve with the ever-changing healthcare landscape, navigating a global pandemic, and empowering consumers to take their healthcare personally.

Very Sincerely,

Anita Brikman

Anita Brikman
Executive Director
CHPA Educational Foundation

Headshot of Kyle Stenzel

Kyle Stenzel
Senior Vice President,
Sales, North America,
Combe Incorporated and Chair, CHPA Educational Foundation


National Education Campaigns

The foundation continued to provide guidance on
key areas of need through our four
education campaigns.

Up and away campaign

Up and Away

Reminding families to keep medicines safe from curious young children

Kid with cold

Treat with Care

Reminding parents about the importance of precise pediatric dosing

Holding pills

Know Your Dose

Increasing consumer knowledge on acetaminophen safety

Elderly Couple

OTC Pain Relievers

Helping consumers appropriately select and safely use OTC pain relievers


KnowYourOTCs Digital Brand

With families spending more time at home during the pandemic, we doubled down on promoting the safe use, storage, and disposal of consumer healthcare products with new content, as well as developed and disseminated new social creative to invite consumers to visit a regularly-updated COVID-19 FAQ on KnowYourOTCs.org.

Mother with son
Virtual Gala Filming

Virtual Gala

On November 18, the CHPA Educational Foundation hosted its 5th annual Gala, held virtually this year. More than 270 attendees from 60+ CHPA member companies participated in this interactive event. The night was a huge success thanks to the fantastic participation from the consumer healthcare industry.

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