CHPA is poised to lead the charge in driving meaningful dietary supplements regulatory reform efforts and raising the bar for the entire category to protect and empower consumers and help them meet their personal healthcare needs.


Leadership for the Future

Leveraging our strengths in consumer education, legislative and regulatory reform, and scientific affairs, CHPA is well-positioned to enhance the dietary supplements category in various ways. We’ve accomplished this in the OTC medicines category with OTC Monograph reform as well as with the restoration of OTC eligibility under FSA/HSA plans.


Expanding our Efforts

CHPA hired a dedicated Vice President of Scientific Affairs & Dietary Supplements who brings decades of experience in the dietary supplements and nutrition category; we formed a cross-functional internal team and a strategic council of business leaders, and we are expanding our communications capabilities with a new hire in 2021.

We are actively collaborating with other trade associations with the intent to advance a broadly-supported legislative agenda that makes necessary changes that will benefit the dietary supplements industry and consumers in the coming decades.

CHPA’s Board of Directors has adopted a new, free-standing dues structure for dietary supplement manufacturers to attract like-minded companies who want to work with us to protect and grow this important self-care category.

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John Troup, Ph.D.
Vice President, Scientific Affairs
and Dietary Supplements

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Dietary supplements play a vital role in healthcare. Follow @jptroup for updates on this growing category.


CHPA Welcomes New Dietary Supplements Members

So-B logo
Santa Cruz Nutritionals

The Bountiful Company (previously The Nature's Bounty Co.) – a manufacturer of vitamins, dietary supplements, minerals, and herbal products – So-B, a brand of lip care products (So-B, So-B+ and So-Bmax) manufactured by Halken, Inc., – and Santa Cruz Nutritionals, a gummy contract manufacturer are CHPA’s newest pure-play members in the dietary supplements category. Their presence at CHPA will help support and shape the association's increasing focus on dietary supplements.


Dietary Supplements Regulatory Summit

DSRS Summit Logos Included
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CHPA participated in the fifth annual, one-day virtual Dietary Supplements Regulatory Summit (DSRS). The industry-wide event featured updates and insights on regulatory compliance and priorities from the FDA Office of Dietary Supplement Programs.

Industry stakeholders also presented sessions on CBD, digital marketing and social media, and the Food Safety Modernization Act. The DSTA (Dietary Supplements Trade Associations) is a collaboration between AHPA, CHPA, CRN, NPA, and UNPA. The heads of each trade association and Steve Tave (pictured left), Director, Office of Dietary Supplement Programs, FDA also participated in a live panel session.


Dietary Supplements Face Potential State Mandates

State legislatures, including California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York continue to show interest in regulating dietary supplements. In recent years, lawmakers have attempted to impose burdensome requirements such as state-specific labeling or age restrictions for the purchase of certain products.

CHPA opposes these bills and actively advocates against unnecessary regulation for dietary supplements.

"The longer the federal government delays updating regulation on dietary supplements, the more likely interest in regulating the industry by states will continue."

- Carlos I. Gutiérrez
CHPA, Vice President, State & Local Government Affairs


CHPA’s Jay Sirois to Serve as Inaugural Chair of the Dietary Supplements Sector of the USP Council of the Convention

2016 Headshot Sirois

Jay Sirois, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Regulatory &
Scientific Affairs

The Dietary Supplements Convention Sector will engage USP members around priorities related to building trust in the quality of dietary supplements through scientific, regulatory, and public policies that promote quality, safety, and advance transparency, as well as further educate healthcare practitioners and consumers on quality supplements. The Council of the Convention, comprised of nearly 500 member organizations from across the health and science ecosystem, guides meaningful engagement and represents the membership in important governance decisions.